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This web site is dedicated to God, family, friends,
and to all  around the world who enjoy being creative,
and appreciate the talents of others. Always remembering, there is
no world-champion painter and we are all artists in our own right. "God has
given each of you some special abilities; be sure to use them to help each other."
1 Peter 4:10 LB). Enjoy the visit and please come again, as we continue to update this site.

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Let  me  paint
When life has taken it's toll
And I'm but a shell of a man,
God give me at least one good eye,
And a steady, deliberate hand.

When this body grows weak
And my very heart is faint,
Give me the power to grasp a brush,
And give me the strength to paint.

When my days on earth are  few
And I have completed all my toils,
Lead me closer to God
And surround me with my oils.

When I have passed from life
And perhaps strolling with a saint,
I'll be inspired by streets of gold,
So Lord, please let me paint .
Gene Gregory

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In memory of my friend and painting pal,
Beau. In all the year's he spent with me
in my studio, he never criticized my
1992 ~ 2007
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My current assistant, Jake,  has been
with me since July of 07, when he was 3
months old. A good age to start learning   
about art.
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Grand Ma's dresser ~ 20" x 16"
       At first sight  ~  30" x 40"
   For price's & other information, please click on Fine Art America link above
B        DTTea pot & Iris ~ 20 x 16"
 Orange you sweet  ~  20" x 16"
    The Workshop ~ 20" x 16"
       Wine & cheese  ~  20" x 16"
  Grumpy Cat ~  24 x 18 "